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Leadership Development Workshops:

Pinnacle Leadership & Team Development at Alnoba is pleased to offer Leadership Development workshops for new to Senior managers, C-Suite Executives and leaders who strive to build resiliency and create a highly effective and empathetic workplace culture.

Please click on the links below to learn about each workshop and register:

Striving for Success: Clear goals, Strong Actions and Resiliency (past)
Leading Through Crisis
Leading with Emotional Intelligence
Leveraging Corporate Culture to Drive Results
Feedback: Creating a Culture of Openness and Growth

• *Full Day Keys to Leading High Performing Teams

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Pinnacle Leadership & Team Development at Alnoba believes strong leaders make stronger communities. Great leaders always start with what matters most: clear goals, hot issues with your top people, and aligned teams. If you aren’t focused there, you’re in the weeds and wasting time.

Pinnacle is celebrating 30 years of professional leadership training, and is the top resource in New England for nonprofit and for-profit leadership and team development. Since 1993, we’ve built up a record of proven results with leaders from 70 countries and over 100 teams.

Presenter: Danielle Giannone
Senior Vice President of Pinnacle Leadership & Team Development

An expert in leadership, team development and coaching, Danielle has spent the last 18 years transforming the performance of many organizations and helping leaders, teams and individuals reach their full potential. She has advised leaders at all levels of an organization and worked with teams on six continents. A skilled facilitator and trainer, Danielle pushes leaders to see the biggest obstacles that stand in their way, dig into the hot issues that hold them back and find the courage to lead effectively.

Presenter: Danny Tyrrell
Vice President of Pinnacle Leadership & Team Development

Danny has spent the last 15 years leading various teams across a variety of industries including international travel and health & wellness tech. At Pinnacle, Danny leverages his prior executive experience to develop courageous leaders and effective teams. He focuses on goal clarity, identification of the top barriers that are in a team’s way and alignment on key priorities.