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Keys to Success: Clear Goals, Strong Actions and Resiliency

Goal clarity is a necessity to create an environment that encourages accountability, strong enough actions to achieve goals, and ownership over results. If the destination is clear, teams can work together to take big enough swings and use the collective brainpower to overcome set-backs and obstacles.

During this workshop, participants will:
• Learn the importance of setting crystal clear goals and ensuring team members are aligned to them
• Learn effective ways to raise and resolve the hottest issues standing in your way by leveraging the brainpower of your team
• Learn how to assess whether actions are strong enough to drive desired results and tools to build resiliency
• Debrief as a group, apply learnings to everyday context, and commit to action items for the week ahead

After this workshop, participants will know how to:
• Create and maintain a culture that is focused on accountability and getting results
• Help your team set clear and challenging goals that are measurable at all levels
• Build more resiliency in themselves and their teams by focusing on the controllable and taking strong actions

Who Should Attend?
• New to Senior Leaders committed to their personal development seeking new ways to improve their team performance and create a workplace environment that inspires growth.

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