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Pinnacle Leadership & Team Development

Our expert staff and model of experiential training helps create courageous leaders who are willing to tackle tough issues, make difficult decisions, and stay open to learning and growing. Our unique model has decades of proven results and that is why we have become the leading place in New England for non profit leadership and team development.

Why we stand out

  • Over 25 Years of Experience
  • A Model with Proven Results
  • Experts in Leading through Turbulence
  • Leader in Developing Non Profit Leaders and Teams
  • World Class Site and Facilities
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Our Approach

In the trees and around the fire pit

Since 1993, we have developed and refined a unique method of experiential learning that helps leaders and teams identify the behaviors, policies, and/or structures that are barriers to their success. They develop new skills in observation, analysis, problem solving and communication to transform the way they work together. Through transforming your people, you transform your organization. Our experienced facilitators and coaches guide leaders and teams in working through the issues and making the hard decisions necessary to move their organization forward.

Leader in Developing Non Profit Leaders

We are proud to be the leader in developing nonprofit leaders and teams. Over the years, we have helped hundreds of nonprofit leaders get results for their organizations. Through training and mentoring, we will help you work through difficult organizational decisions and manage through change. We know that finding the time and money for leadership development can be especially challenging for nonprofits, which is why we offer reduced rates to help make our programming more accessible. Contact us to learn how we can help move your organization forward.

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Strong Leaders

The Alnoba Lewis Family Foundation, in collaboration with Pinnacle LTD, looks to deepen the work of non-profit leaders who are committed to impacting the lives of young people in Dorchester, Roxbury, and Mattapan.  We aim to leverage smart talent in our community by building critical skills, sharing tools and techniques, and one-on-one coaching to take their work to the next level of excellence while strengthening the opportunities for all young people. The Strong Leaders Program’s purpose is to support, encourage and challenge community and organizational leaders to create healthy, successful and results driven organizations/initiatives. Our hope is that we all build more thriving and equitable communities.

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Youth Leaders

We offer programming for 12- to 16-year-olds who are enrolled in organizations serving youth in Boston and New Hampshire. Last year we hosted 1,400 youths from Dorchester, Roxbury, Mattapan and Seacoast, New Hampshire with over 46 days of programming. Our leadership-themed adventure-learning programs help develop grit, and teach goal setting, positive risk taking and persistence. By targeting youth as early as middle school, we believe we can help create an expectation of success that will carry these young people far, thus building strong leaders into the next generation.

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We Help Companies Improve Results

For more than 25 years, Pinnacle has worked with scores of companies of all types from the scrappy start up to well established global enterprises. While they may differ in size and shape, the work is the same. Get teams aligned on clear goals, make decisions and plan forward for stronger results.