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Feedback: Creating a Culture of Openness and Growth

Having difficult conversations with employees is an inevitable part of leading and building a high performing team. Although giving direct feedback can be uncomfortable at times, effective leaders know it is critical to address conflict head on, with empathy, to create a healthy, open culture, focused on growth.

During this workshop, participants will:
• Learn the details of a three-step process to deliver effective feedback
• Practice giving feedback that is specific, actionable and inspiring
• Understand how to turn feedback into a two-way discussion to invite collaboration and build a culture of growth
• Debrief as a group, apply learnings to everyday context, and commit to action items for the week ahead.

After this workshop, participants will know how to:
• Properly prepare to deliver high-quality feedback
• Create an Environment of Openness
• Reduce defensiveness in teammates by aiming for understanding above consensus
• Have the tools to better influence, coach and mentor others

Who Should Attend?
• New to Senior Leaders committed to their personal development seeking new ways to improve their team performance and create a workplace environment that inspires growth.

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