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Our Entities

Alnoba Lewis Family Foundation

The Alnoba Lewis Family Foundation (ALFF) is dedicated to developing courageous leadership and sustainability models to help change people’s lives, create stronger communities and save the earth we share. ALFF is the umbrella organization for Alnoba’s public programming, conservation efforts, philanthropic giving, and nonprofit leadership work. 

Our Kensington property serves as a leading destination for families to come together to play, explore and learn. We invest in the daring leaders who aren’t afraid to be “dreamers of the day”, taking on the big fights to transform our communities and our planet. Since 1981, we’ve donated over $200 million in 70 countries around the world, forging strong strategic partnerships with trusted friends and allies who keep inspiring us to make change happen.  

Pinnacle Leadership and Team Development

You can lead from anywhere

We believe you can lead from anywhere and that strong leaders make stronger companies and communities. After years developing our own company’s leaders, we founded Pinnacle Leadership and Team Development, as a place and a program to develop courageous leaders and winning teams.

Based at Alnoba, Pinnacle deliberately takes participants out of the office, outside and out of their comfort zone so they can shake off the complacency and daily grind of the work routine, build trust for better teamwork, and take one more step then they thought they could. Guided by expert organizational advisors, the Pinnacle model helps leaders resolve hot issues, make tough decisions, align their teams and hopefully reconnect with their passion and inspiration.

After seeing the success Pinnacle had with our company, we extended its use to nonprofit leaders on the front-line fights for social justice, human rights and a sustainable world.    Seeing that they too often expend themselves in their worthy cause and rarely take time to assess, pivot and plan forward, we wanted to give them the space, the place and people to help them become stronger leaders.

Hundreds of leaders from more than 80 countries have used Pinnacle.  Today it is the leading place in New England for nonprofit leaders to grow, learn and lead.

Most recently, we developed programs for young people to get in nature and develop their grit, resiliency and leadership.

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Grand Circle Foundation

Giving Back to the World We Travel

In February 1992, we returned from a vision quest, a solemn Native American inspired wilderness retreat, with a shared vision to make a bigger difference in the world.  That following November, we created the Grand Circle Foundation to give something of lasting value back to the people and places where they travel and where their companies’ associates live and work.

Over the years, we developed a few core guiding principles – mostly learned from well-intentioned mistakes.  We strive to make sure there is a gutsy leader at the helm; to listen to what the village wants – not what we think they need and to entrust decisions to those closest to the project – they always know best.

With a strong focus to improve school performance, support small businesses, provide clean water and sanitation and preserve cultural heritage, GCF has provided financial and leadership support to help more than 500 projects in 50 countries around the world.

We believe that each of us wants to be part of something bigger than ourselves.  We are grateful that each year, 90% of associates worldwide participate in the company’s community service programs.   Giving back is part of the fabric of our companies.

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The Farm at Eastman’s Corner

Local Food, Good People, Strong Community

For years, the lot stood vacant at the main crossroads and scenic byway in Kensington, NH.  Worried that another fast food chain would grab the space and claim some of the town’s character, we bought it in 2012 and built the Farm at Eastman Corner, a year-round community governed restaurant, farm market and family gathering place.  Across the street, we restored an old barn from the 1800s to its original bones and beauty, transforming it into the Kensington Food Barn to house the Farm’s culinary team.

The idea is timeless and simple. If you provide a place for folks to get good food, families to gather, and kids to play and learn — you build a stronger community.   The Farm is home to a small tribe of Nigerian goats, a couple of plump pigs, and a wee flock of chickens who nest in their Cluckingham Palace. A veritable playground spreads across the property and the recently opened Kids Farm and Kinder Garden provide choice spots for kids to literally get dirty, as well as learn about the outdoors.

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Sawyer Park

When you want to give back to your hometown, nostalgia and gratitude often play a big role. Kensington was where Alan spent his boyhood summers and the idyllic rural New Hampshire town stood in sharp contrast to the rest of his rather unsettled young life in Boston’s tough neighborhoods.

Knowing that kids in the area were playing in unsafe spaces, he wanted to give the town an old-fashioned park – a fun, clean and safe place for families to play, gather and celebrate.  Alan wanted lit ballfields for the Little League teams, a band stand for outdoor concerts, a pavilion for picnics, and lots of trails and play areas to explore. In 2008, our family gifted such a place, named Sawyer Park in honor of Alan’s maternal ancestors, to the town.

The 35 acre organically-managed recreation area is the only one of its kind here on the Seacoast and during the season is visited by more than 1,000 families from 15 neighboring communities. Kids play baseball, throw birthday parties, shoot hoops and make new friends on the slides and see-saws. Every July, the whole town gathers together to watch fireworks light the night sky.

Alnoba continues to support Sawyer Park by donating all the proceeds from our art tours, meditation walks, nature walks and other public events. Every time you buy a ticket to enjoy the peace and splendor of Alnoba, you’re also helping to ensure that the wonderful community resource of Sawyer Park will be there for generations to come.

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