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Leveraging Corporate Culture to Drive Results

In a competitive hiring market, corporate culture can be a key differentiator to attract and retain top talent. While a great culture may get the attention of top performers, how do you define the values that make up your culture and use them to get results? Savvy business leaders are able to weave corporate culture into all aspects of the business – from recruiting and onboarding to career development and performance management – to drive the behaviors necessary to achieve organizational goals

During this workshop, participants will:

• Assess if current corporate values drive performance or if they are just words on paper.
• Identify behaviors related to values that drive successful results.
• Engage in group exercises to learn how to interview, train and assess employees based on corporate values.
• Debrief as a group, apply learnings to everyday context, and commit to action items for the week ahead.

After this workshop, participants will know how to:

• Hire for your company values
• Implement tactics to integrate values into performance management procedures.
• Have the tools to better coach and mentor leaders within your organization to be stewards of your values and hold employees accountable.

Who Should Attend?
• New to Senior managers and leaders who strive to create a highly effective and empathetic workplace culture.

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