Daring leaders to change the world


Daring leaders to change the world


Daring leaders to change the world


From our 600 acre property in Kensington, NH, Alnoba works to change people’s lives, create stronger communities and save the earth we share.
We help teams overcome the barriers to their success and nurture the next generation of social and climate justice leaders.
We model a more healthy and sustainable way of life.
We support over a hundred organizations in 70 countries working to make the world a better place for everyone.
We offer like-minded businesses and nonprofits an inspiring and responsible place to gather, organize and celebrate.

Find your purpose. Take risks. Make a difference.

Strong Leaders. Stronger Communities.

Since 1993, Pinnacle Leadership and Team Development at Alnoba has trained leaders from more than 70 countries and developed over 100 teams from start-ups to global organizations. The results: Improved performance and stronger leadership. We can help your organization.

OUR WORK WORLDWIDE – Social and Climate Justice

The fights for social and climate justice are big and we need the help of trusted friends and allies. Since 1981 Alnoba has donated more than $200 million in 70 countries around the world. Over the years, we have forged strong strategic partnerships with courageous activist leaders. They inspire us to make change happen, and we are very proud to work alongside and fund these leaders.

UNIQUE DESTINATION: The most introspective property in New England

Alnoba is a special place to reflect, connect and create change. It is not just a building or campus, but a vibrant landscape of 600 acres that includes lush wilderness, 10 miles of trails, bold artwork, inspired architecture and revolutionary conservation. It is a unique self-sustaining environment that supports going deep to find inspiration and transformation for individuals and organizations.


It’s hard to pick a point and say, ‘Yes, this is when it all started,” in part because we feel we carry on traditions from our ancestors; we build upon them and keep them safe before we pass them along to our children for generations to come. This is our story.