A unique place to reflect, connect, and create change


We focus on 4 pillars: Leadership, Conservation, Art, and Wellness

Building Strong Leaders at Alnoba

We believe strong leaders make stronger companies and communities.   Founded in 1993, Alnoba’s Pinnacle Leadership and Team Development helps teams build trust and encourages participants to take one more step than they thought they could.  Hundreds of nonprofit and company leaders from more than 80 countries have come to our Pinnacle Leadership Center and today we are the leader in New England for teaching leadership to nonprofits.

Our Foundation of Sustainability

We hope Alnoba stands as a tribute to our ancestors’ way of living and serves as a model of how to live gently on the land. Our solar installations; green building, recycling, and waste practices; as well as careful land management help us have a more lasting and sustainable presence.

Nurturing Wellness

Alnoba offers many opportunities to develop wellness. A beautiful meditation room, mindfulness practice, local farm-to-table dining, and a closeness with nature allow Alnoba’s visitors to celebrate the connection of mind and body.

Convergence of Art and Nature

Alnoba is also a place where art awakens the spirit and refreshes the soul. Throughout her land, art installations, stones, and words are placed to inspire and provoke. It is home to one of the largest outdoor art parks in New England, featuring international artists.

ChangeMaker Speaker Series:

Where Conversations Spark Action

Throughout the year Alnoba hosts a roster of inspirational and creative speakers who will talk about issues surrounding our 4 pillars of leadership, conservation, wellness, and arts. Speakers have been carefully selected to help facilitate conversations that will spark action in our communities and beyond.

ChangeMaker Events