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Conservation Lands Foundation

The Mission of the Conservation Lands Foundation (CLF) is to protect, restore and expand the national conservation lands through education, advocacy and partnerships.  We support their efforts to protect the Upper Gila Watershed Alliance in New Mexico, and the Native American Land Conservancy in Southern California to help regional tribes to protect and reengage with their ancestral lands.

Brian Sybert, Executive Director

Brian Sybert has over twenty years of experience in nonprofit conservation advocacy, with a focus on advancing strategies that leverage the conservation of public lands with the well-being and prosperity of nearby communities. He served as the Wyoming Director of the Greater Yellowstone Coalition, and later became executive director of the Montana Wilderness Association.

Brian and his team work closely with the Friends Grassroots Network of 70 community-based organizations who are deeply connected to National Conservation Lands, and committed to protecting them. As local advocates, they ensure that the voices of their communities shape plans to protect these living cultural landscapes and wildlife migration corridors, while advancing local economies and climate change solutions.

Brian and Conservation Lands Foundation are committed to diversifying the conservation movement by ensuring it has strong representation from tribal members, veterans, people of color, women, youth, business owners, and the sporting community.

Brian is a native Texan, with a B.A. in Geography from the University of Texas at Austin. He has a deep love for the landscapes and communities of the American West.