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Bear-Paw Regional Greenway

Bear Paw is a New Hampshire land trust with a mission to permanently conserve a network of lands that protects our region’s water, wildlife habitat, forests, and farmland.  With a goal to safeguard water resources, native wildlife and plant habitat, travel corridors, working farms and forests, the Trust has preserved more than 8000 acres in its 11-town region.

Katarina Amaral, Executive Director

Katrina has spent her career working with the wildlife and landscapes of New England. From coastal saltmarsh ecosystems to the local timber industry, Katrina has experience with the diversity of habitats throughout New Hampshire. Katrina holds a BS degree in Zoology and a Masters in Wildlife Biology. Katrina’s background in wildlife conservation has allowed her to develop a holistic vision of land management that encompasses Bear-Paw’s mission to protect a network of open space. She spends her free time fixing up her house and running Timberdoodle Farm with her husband.