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Living Gently on the Land

Alnoba commits to the preservation of our natural resources and surroundings. We continuously update and execute green practices and policies, which include the following list.

Hire local people, serve local food and source native materials whenever we can:

We try to hire and buy as locally as possible. Not only does this help neighbors and community, it keeps shipping costs and fuel consumption down. At The Farm, nearly 85% of products are grown or produced in New Hampshire or on-site.

Permanently Protected Land

Currently, 200 acres are under conservation restrictions. Our goal is 100% renewable energy—with solar installations at the Farm and Pinnacle we are on our way to that goal. The Farm alone produces 118,124kWh annually, providing an estimated cost savings of $18,889.84.


With four stations located in parking areas at the Farm and Alnoba’s main entrance, we are uniquely equipped for electric car charging needs. Our fleet of electric cars is also available for transport across the property.

No Plastic Bottles on Site:

Making bottles to meet America’s demand uses more than 17 million barrels of oil annually and can take 1,000 years to decompose. For these reasons and many more, we decided to ban plastic bottles from the property. We provide two water stations from deep wells.

Green Products, Building and Purchasing:

In new development and remodeling, we strive to have the least impact on the environment. Examples include energy efficient lighting and composting or low flush toilets. Alnoba’s main building uses geothermal energy to heat and cool. We try to minimize packaging materials and use recycled or compostable materials.


The First Passive House Standard certified building of its kind in the Northeast. Built to reduce energy usage by 75%-90%. The building employs superinsulation, passive solar technology, as well as electric and geothermal systems. The result in a grid-tied, net-zero-energy structure. Key features include: eight 400-ft. wells, to provide the geothermal heat and triple pane windows.

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