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Going, Going, Gone

Orly Genger, 2016 (New York, NY)

Recycled Lobster Rope

“After admiring her work in magazines and seeing installations at Brown University, DeCordova and Madison Square Park, I met with Orly here at Alnoba. The idea of repurposing local materials into art fits so perfectly with Alnoba’s mission of sustainability. Using local lobster rope seemed natural here in the seacoast region. I explained to Orly that I wanted a piece that people can sit on…climb on…lie on…and…lean on. Together we came up with the concept of waves. When deciding where it should be placed, I wanted to make sure guests could see it from Alnoba’s building to tempt folks, so they might look out and say—”what is that?” and want to come outside and explore. The original ropes were a weave of blue, yellow and red. When it came time to “refresh” the piece I was told it could only be one color. I chose red, so it would pop out from the field even more and beckon guests to come explore her folds.”
–Harriet Lewis

Orly Genger is best known for creating large-scale installations from oils of rope, like this piece, Going, Going, Gone. This monumental rope installation is made from recycled lobster rope and is painted in a bold red color. The sculpture is made by hand-crocheting the rope, which required Orly and a team of assistants to first clean the lobster claws and fish bones out of the role and then crochet into strips. Speaking about her artistic practice, Genger said, “I was really drawn to working with my hands. It was more about using my body as the tool and having a direct relationship with the material.” These red strips evoke waves or flames that move across the landscape.

This piece is part of the collection at Alnoba. See the full collection or check our upcoming tour schedule.