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Where We Give

Alnoba Strategic Partners

Helping Save the Earth We Share

Helping to save the earth we share is a big fight, and we need the help of trusted friends and allies. Over the years, we have forged strong strategic partnerships with these courageous activist leaders. They inspire us to make change happen, and we are very proud to work alongside and fund these leaders.

Meet our Strategic Partners

New England

Conservation Law Foundation $725,000.00
Society of the Protection of NH Forests $750,000.00
Shoals Marine Laboratory $155,000.00
Hurricane Island $440,000.00
University of New Hampshire $367,000.00
SouthEast Land Trust of NH $385,000.00
Nature Conservancy $50,000.00
Bears Paw Greenway $2,000.00
Revision Energy $1,418,000.00
Go Logic*GO Lab $503,000.00
Citizens Count $180,000.00
Norman Bird Sanctuary $10,000.00
Solstice $10,000.00



Babson $10,000,000.00
Grist $225,000.00
Protect Our Winters $200,000.00
Conservation Lands Foundation $100,000.00
Friends of Cedar Mesa $305,000.00
Great Old Broads for the Wilderness $15,000.00


International $1,250,000.00
Conservation Media Group $1,217,500.00
Sacred Earth Foundation $155,000.00
One Planet $58,970.00
International Funders of Indigenous People $10,000.00
Federation Brazilian $25,000.00
Himalyan Trust $912,450.00
Wine to Water $305,525.00
Shake Hands with the World $15,000.00

Worldwide – Grand Circle Foundation
Giving back to the world we travel

The Grand Circle Foundation is traveling for change.   We help change people’s lives in the world where we travel and where we live and work. We have supported 2750 projects in 70 countries.

See Where We Give Back

We support the following areas:

WAter, Sanitation, Hygiene (WASH)

Ensuring all schools and communities we visit have an adequate supply of clean water and toilets that meet or exceed local standards

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Joining together with school leaders and parent committees to enhance educational resources – ranging from books and chalk to scholarships and classroom construction

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Community Development

Establishing the means for women and village leaders to create sustainable changes in their communities to become economically self-sufficient

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Renewable Energy

Working to provide solar powered electricity in schools and communities and individual solar lights for students

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Partnering with Indigenous groups to preserve and revive traditional culture and knowledge culture and knowledge, and to protect their lands through renewable energy and sustainable resources

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Collaborating with strong leaders of conservation organizations to conserve land, preserve natural resources, and advocate for stewardship of the environment

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Historic Preservation

Supporting the preservation, conservation and protection of monuments, buildings and artifacts of historical significance

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Providing support to communities impacted by natural disasters

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Boston – Alnoba Lewis Family Foundation

The Lewis Family Foundation Boston works to strengthen Boston neighborhoods of Dorchester, Roxbury and Mattapan from within by helping young people from these communities’ graduate from 4-year colleges; get good paying jobs, and lead. Our goal is not only to improve these young people’s own lives; but also help them return to their neighborhoods and invest their hard-won knowledge, leadership, capital and service to make their communities stronger.

Our Areas of Work:

  1. College – double the four-year college graduation rate for young people from DRM by 2020
  2. Jobs – support partners to place 700 young people from DRM into full-time jobs earning at least $38k annual income by 2020
  3. Leadership – develop 70 community non-profit leaders to stregthn the communities of DRM
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