Pinnacle Leadership & Team Development

Alnoba’s Pinnacle Leadership & Team Development is a unique place for people to learn, exchange ideas, develop their leadership, and build stronger teams and organizations. Pinnacle offers its expert staff and unique model of experiential training to help create courageous leaders who are willing to tackle tough issues, make difficult decisions, and stay open to learning and growing.


Our Experiential Learning Model

At Pinnacle, we teach a highly effective leadership model that helps you stay focused on tough issues while practicing the values necessary to build trust throughout your organization and community. Through learning in nature, on the high ropes, on an adventure aerial park, and in the classroom, teams come together in an environment of trust and challenge. In just one or two days, they learn how to handle difficult issues, develop recommendations, and make decisions that can move their enterprise forward. Your group will leave this experience with:

  • Accessible models for effective goal setting, alignment, and communication
  • Specific actions to achieve goal alignment and remove barriers to success
  • The skills necessary to make the tough decisions that can help improve performance

Each company has a unique history and culture that must be addressed in developing an effective training program. Our senior team will partner with you to develop a program that addresses your organization’s unique needs, challenges, and work culture. Some of the topics we have worked on include:

  • Leading through difficult change
  • Organizational goal alignment
  • Individual and team development
  • Effectively dealing with conflict
  • Managing crisis and criticism
  • Ongoing coaching and mentoring

Strengthening Nonprofit Organizations

We are proud to be the leader in developing nonprofit leaders and teams. Over the years, we have helped hundreds of nonprofit leaders get results for their organizations. Through training and mentoring, we will help you work through difficult organizational decisions and manage through change. We know that finding the time and money for leadership development can be especially challenging for nonprofits, which is why we offer reduced rates to help make our programming more accessible. Contact us to learn how we can help move your organization forward.

Young Leaders Program

We offer programming for 12- to 16-year-olds who are enrolled in organizations serving youth in Boston and New Hampshire. Last year we hosted 1,400 youths from Dorchester, Roxbury, Mattapan and Seacoast, New Hampshire with over 46 days of programming. Our leadership-themed adventure-learning programs help develop grit, and teach goal setting, positive risk taking and persistence. By targeting youth as early as middle school, we believe we can help create an expectation of success that will carry these young people far, thus building strong leaders into the next generation.

Strong Leaders Program

The Lewis Family Foundation, in collaboration with Pinnacle LTD, has developed a year-long leadership development program for emerging leaders who are committed to impacting the lives of young people in Dorchester, Roxbury, and Mattapan. The goal of the program is to help leverage smart talent in our communities by building critical skills, sharing tools and techniques, and one-on-one coaching to strengthen the pathways for young people to access resources.