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Morning Prayer

Allan Houser, 1987 (New Mexico, 1914-1994)

Bronze, edition of 5

“I think that all I’ve witnessed, the stories my dad told me, gave me a lot of pride in who I really am and encouraged me to tell stories in my art. I felt strongly that I had something to offer, and I continue to do it in my way.”
–Allan Houser

Allan Houser was an Apache sculptor and artist. This piece of is one of his largest bronze works, depicting an Apache man singing a prayer song as he waits for sunrise.

Houser’s work frequently explores themes of Indigenous spirituality and wisdom. As world travelers, Alnoba’s co-founders Alan and Harriet Lewis have a great deal of respect for Indigenous lifeways.

This piece welcomes visitors to Alnoba’s regular art tours, who most often arrive at Alnoba in the morning, as they embark on the deeply spiritual experience of walking through the property’s pristine woodlands.

About the Artist

Allan Houser (Haozous) was the first Indigenous American awarded the National Medal of Arts. His father was a relative of Geronimo, and his family was imprisoned along with other Apache resistance fighters in St. Augustine, Florida for twenty years. Alan was the first child in his family to be born outside captivity.

Learn more about Allan Houser’s remarkable story through this downloadable PDF: Allan Houser – Born in Captivity

This piece is part of the collection at Alnoba. See the full collection or check our upcoming tour schedule.