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Five Ten

Andy Goldsworthy, 2022 (Scotland)

Native stone, Datsun Five Ten

“We liked the location. It had been on the land for a long time … visibly rotting, rusting. The earth was taking it back. And it was recognizable as an unexpurgated, rusting car. Also, it had a steering wheel that we all loved. The bullet holes added an element of mystery that intrigued everyone.”

– Harriet Lewis

“I had just stumbled on the wreck when I was walking through the woods. I thought it represented Americans’ obsessions with cars but that it also had a story since it had bullet holes going in and out of the body of the car. “

– Andy Goldsworthy

In his work, Andy Goldsworthy is drawn to objects with stories and journeys, like the rustic and timeless car that lies at the heart of this piece. Andy has said that the house was built to give the car a home after all of its journeys.

The theme of using the form of a house as a container for something wild and undomesticated is one that Andy has explored in multiple installations, such as his Stone House (2005) or the Glenstone Clay Houses (2007-2008).

That there is no sign of what lies inside from the exterior is an intentional choice by the artist. In a statement Andy made about the Clay Houses, he explained, “I don’t want to give anything away. Finding the work inside is part of the sculpture’s nature. If you let it be known they are art, it takes away from the art.”

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