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Ursula Von Rydingsvard, 2017 (Germany)

Cedar, 160 x 46 x 21 in.

“DWA – It is a couple coming together as one, who then separate and come back together. Ursula wasn’t excited to sell it to us, because it is a very personal piece for her. But I think she saw that it was also a very personal for me, and she felt it would have a good home. I think that is important for artists to know their work is not only admired, but loved and cared for.”
–Harriet Lewis

Over a four-decade-long career, Ursula von Rydingsvard has become one of the most influential sculptors working today. She is best known for creating large-scale sculpture from cedar beams, which she painstakingly cuts, assembles, and laminates before finally rubbing a graphite patina into the work’s textured, faceted surfaces. Her signature abstract shapes refer to things in the real world. DWA, meaning “two” in Polish, alludes to the two beings suggested by the composition.

This piece is part of the collection at Alnoba. See the full collection or check our upcoming tour schedule.