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Ryan Kelley, 2023 (Byfield, Massachusetts)

Steel Wire

Down by Winkley Brook and blending in with nature stands this magnificent piece entitled “Alnisedi” which means “hemlock tree” in Abenaki. The welded steel tree measures 13’ tall and 8’ wide and took almost 200 man hours to complete.

Well known for his distinctive wire tree sculptures, Byfield, Massachusetts-based sculptor Ryan Kelley’s art transcends a variety of media to include his well-known wire trees growing from stone bases, large-scale metal sculptures, custom metal wall art, 3-D art installations, and much more.

All of Ryan’s art is handmade – no two pieces are exactly alike. Inspired by forms found in nature and in the world around us, Ryan’s art ranges from delicate to robust, décor for a small shelf to entire artistic installations and functional design elements!

Did you know… Ryan is the artist behind our tree awards that were handed to each recipient in honor of our 2022 Environmental Leadership Awards Ceremony.

Photo by Ryan Gregory

This piece is part of the collection at Alnoba. See the full collection or check our upcoming tour schedule.