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Solar Village Project

One of the best ways to combat climate change is to ensure that those living without reliable access to electricity in the developing world move up the energy access latter using solar power and not fossil fuels. The Solar Village Project delivers solar power to communities within “the last mile” who can least afford it, removing the main barrier to sustainable energy becoming the norm in the developing world.

They partner with experienced local organizations and community members to bring solar power to communities, families and individuals in the developing world that don’t have reliable access to electricity.

Joe Kselman, Founder

Joe founded SVP in 2013, along with his wife Cristeen, after visiting an off-grid untouchable caste village in Bihar, India. What started with providing solar power for a small village school turned into today’s Solar Village Project. Joe is a big believer in solar power being a “leapfrog technology” to bring sustainable and reliable access to electricity to the over 2 billion people living in energy poverty. And that when we fight energy poverty, we also fight climate change. He’s worked at University Of Maryland since 2006.