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Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo Island is Australia’s third-largest island, and serves as a refuge for a number of threatened and endangered species.

In 2020, the island was swept by terrible brushfires which burned 64% of the wildlife reserve areas, destroying 70% of the animal habitats. This left some of the island’s endangered species even more vulnerable to predators like feral cats, making restoring fencing and habitat areas a vital priority.

Nonprofit organizations like BlazeAid and Kangaroo Island Land for Wildlife Association came together to rebuild fences, protect the remaining vegetation and create safe spaces for threatened species to thrive.

Kevin Butler, President – BlazeAid

With his wife, Rhonda, Kevin Butler founded BlazeAid, which brings together an army of volunteers to clear ground and rebuild fences following devastating bushfires. BlazeAid has 26 basecamps across Australia and since its founding has rebuilt 14,000 kilometers of new pasture fencing for 9,000 farms. BlazeAid manages an army of volunteers who come from not just Australia but Canada, New Zealand, England and farther afield.

Heidi Groeffen, Program Manager – Kangaroo Island Land for Wildlife Association

Kangaroo Island Land for Wildlife is a voluntary biodiversity conservation program that provides safe havens for plants and animals while improving habitat. They work with landowners to monitor and protect threatened species.