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Hurricane Island Center for Science and Leadership

The Island’s Center for Science and Leadership, provides experiential, hands-on education programs and research opportunities focused on marine sciences, STEM education, human ecology, sustainable living technology, citizen science initiatives, and leadership in environmental stewardship for all ages from middle school to adults.   In 2019, they provided 5,250 student days of education.

Their goal is to excite people about doing science and about being leaders in the next wave of scientific discovery and environmental conservation.  Their island campus, powered by solar technology, serves as an educational model demonstrating not only renewable energy, but also sustainable waste, water, and food systems.  We help to fund their master plan, sustainability initiatives and most recently Hurricane’s efforts to build a year round research station.

Bo Hoppin, Executive Director

Bo credits a ‘unique’ college professor for getting him hooked on hands-on science research and investigation of local ecosystems. Believing that immersive experiential education is what we need to create the next generation of stewards for the environment, Bo has found a perfect home on Hurricane Island.   He observes, ‘when kids come here, they get so profoundly connected to the place and so excited about the discoveries they make on their own, I really believe they will go back home and work to make change in their local communities.’

Upon graduating from Antioch University New England, Bo worked with the faculty to conceptualize and found the award winning, Rachel Marshall Outdoor Learning Laboratory in Keene, New Hampshire and the CO-SEED project, which reached across New England. Both of these innovative education programs engaged kids in study of their local community and environment in a way that supported local and state curriculum standards.

Prior to joining Hurricane Island Bo served as Executive Director of Friends of Young Achievers and as the Experiential Education Coordinator for Young Achievers Science and Math Pilot School. Located in Mattapan, Massachusetts, the school’s mission is to provide a high quality K-8 public school experience for urban youth in science, math and social justice.

Looking ahead, Bo states, “my vision is ten years from now, we have a student who gets so excited about something they see or learn on Hurricane Island, they go home and design a key technology for solving the climate crisis. That would be my dream!”