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Jan Byrnes

Vice President of Grand Circle Foundation

Jan brings more than 30 years of operations experience to her current position as Vice President of Grand Circle Foundation. She oversees Grand Circle Foundation (GCF), which is the philanthropic arm for Grand Circle Corporation, with a mission to give something of lasting value back to the people and places where Grand Circle travels.

GCF’s giving is aligned with Alnoba’s conservation goals by supporting baseline water, sanitation, and hygiene standards for all of its overseas projects, promoting sustainable farming practices, and encouraging the use of renewable energy.   Jan oversees all of GCF’s many projects in dozens of countries.

In addition, she leads our Strategic Partner relationships and operations ensuring that we continue to support strong leaders, measure results and leverage impact.

Prior to assuming these roles, Jan worked in the food industry, owned her own business, and served for nearly 10 years in training and management of Grand Circle Corporation’s Call Center.

She is a committed volunteer who also leads Grand Circle Corporation’s community service program, both at the headquarters in Boston and in each regional office around the world. Grand Circle Corporation’s commitment to community service is a key reason why Jan has chosen to work and stay at Grand Circle.