Customize your Experience

Leadership & Team Building

Alnoba’s Pinnacle Leadership Center has 30 years’ experience providing experiential training that uses learning in nature, in the classroom, on an aerial park and on a professional high ropes course to teach team building and leadership development. Together, we can offer you skilled facilitators to develop and deliver expert training or access to self-guided initiatives.

High-Challenge Ropes Course

Our professional ropes course is a challenging outdoor personal development and team building activity consisting of 8 different elements that are constructed in trees and utilize a belay system.

Adventure Aerial Park

Four hundred yards from Alnoba’s main building is a 140-foot, state-of-the-art, 20-element ropes course. The imaginative design of this course utilizes self-belay lanyards, allowing 30 or more individuals to move independently through the course without the need for a team belay from below. The course layout creates the ideal opportunity for risk taking, overcoming challenges, working together and creative problem solving.

Hiking and Nature Exploration

Enjoy miles of walking trails throughout the property for self-guided hiking. Nature guides are available upon request.

Yoga and Meditation Classes

We offer yoga classes for all levels in our on-site studio and out on the lawn. Meditation and mindfulness classes can be designed to support your specific goals or event.

Cooking Classes

Whether it is for team building or a fun way to connect, we can arrange small group cooking and nutrition classes in the Kensington Food Barn just a short distance from Alnoba.

Farm Tours

Visit the Farm at Eastman’s Corner and learn about the crops they grow in the 11 on-site greenhouses. You can also spend time at the Animal Yard where goats, pigs and chickens roam the grounds.