Alnoba’s Outdoor Sculpture Park

Pablo Atchugarry: Uruguay

Return To Life, 2015

Note: This sculpture is located inside Alnoba and may only be viewed when building is open for public events.

Pablo Atchugarry: Uruguay

Dance of Illusions, 2015

Michele Oka Doner: Florida

Ice Ring and Radiant Table, 2015

Orly Genger: New York

Going, Going, Gone, 2016

Andy Goldsworthy: Scotland

Watershed, 2016

Calvin H. John Livingston: British Columbia

Raven, Killer Whale & Seal, Grizzly Bear of the Sea & Salmon Totem Pole, 2008

John Lopez: South Dakota

Wild West Buffalo, 2013

Ernesto Neto: Brazil

O que estamos pensado, nesta rede, nesta hora, nesta mundo… nesta eternidade, 2013

Bernar Venet: France

Indeterminate Line, 2010

Deb Todd Wheeler: Massachusetts

Shelter Walking Path, 2010

Andy Goldsworthy: Scotland

Boulder House, 2016

Beezy Bailey: South Africa

Bowie Dancer, 2016

Beezy Bailey: South Africa

The 1000 Year Dance Cure, 2016

Florian Wozniak: Germany

Hard Drive

Brett Murray: South Africa

Gorilla, 2017

Lionel Smit: South Africa

Colossal Fragment, 2016

Shany Van Den Berg

Die Kop