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Last year,  Alnoba was delighted to learn that our building had been awarded the 2020 Honor Award for Excellence in Architecture Design by the American Institute of Architects New Hampshire.

This juried award recognized not just beauty of design but planning for the future. Alnoba’s Passive House Institute-certified meeting space was selected because of our “commitment to environmental stewardship, health, and transformative experiences.”

This fall, AIA NH filmmakers journeyed to Alnoba to meet with architect Matt O’Malia of OPAL and GO Logic, the mastermind behind our unique blending of cutting edge sustainability and energy efficiency with traditional timber-framed New England construction techniques.

We’re pleased to share Matt’s wonderful insights into Alnoba’s inspiration, planning and construction.

“We can bring high performance to buildings, integrate it, make it, productive, and see all the benefits from an environmental standpoint. And I think that can be done on any project.”

-Matt O’Malia, OPAL and GO Logic