Changemaker Series: Matt O’Malia -Founder, OPAL, GO Logic, GO Lab, Belfast Maine

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24 Cottage Road, Kensington, NH 03833

Kensington, NH, US, 03833

Our ChangeMaker Speaker Series has proven to be an inspiring and engaging curation of events, to say the least! If you haven’t joined us yet, October 10 is calling your name. 

What could be better than an inspiring, engaging and enchanting evening in the Alnoba Great Room,surrounded by beautiful Art, among your our very own community heroes? 

Our ChangeMaker Speaker Series events are $25. Register now to reserve your spot!

5:00 PM – Self-Guided Tour of Alnoba’s Art Park
5:30 PM – Reception Cash Bar Reception
6:00 PM – Speaker Series Begins
7:30 PM – Program Ends 

Award-winning architect Matthew O’Malia has spent his career rethinking every detail of building construction, with an eye toward high performance, quality, and sustainability. The designer of Alnoba, the Lewis Family Foundation leadership center in Kensington, New Hampshire, he offers his thoughts on the future of architecture.

“The passive house concept proposes that buildings use 90% less energy than traditional buildings for space heating. Especially in a cold climate like Maine, we’re talking about a massive increase in the improvement of the performance of the building. It all comes down to insulating well, air sealing well, and having ventilation with energy recovery. That should all be in the architect’s hands.

There’s an amazing secondary benefit to passive housing, and that has to do with human comfort, health, and well-being. You don’t have loud furnaces and pockets of heat and cold, and you don’t have any drafts. Plus, there’s a constant refreshing of the air, which improves the quality and feel of the building. It’s a very, very different health and well-being proposition.” -Matt O’Malia