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Contemplative Meditative Walk with Manny Muros

March 2, 2022 @ 10:00 am - 12:00 pm


Tickets $25 per person. Proceeds are donated to support Sawyer Park.

Reconnect with the land and with yourself on this contemplative two hour walking meditation with author and spiritual teacher Manny Muros.

You’ll view sculptures like Andy Goldsworthy’s Watershed Boulder and Beezy Bailey’s 1000 Year Dance Cure as Manny leads you through guided contemplations and teachings, helping you enter a state of deep listening. Surrender your inner dialogue to the peace and harmony of the natural world as you explore Alnoba’s miles of trails.

Our February and March events will be walking only. The April event will also include a half hour seated meditation.

Notes and guidelines

  • Meet Manny in the Main parking lot promptly at10 AM. The class will depart the parking lot at this time – those who are late will need to exit the property.
  • Guests must stay with Manny at all times.
  • Please dress appropriately for exploring the outdoors.
  • Wear appropriate footwear and bring a bottle of water and sunscreen.
  • This tour will last roughly two hours. Be prepared to walk at an easy pace, with breaks, for that length of time.
  • Alnoba’s buildings are closed. Walkers may use the portable restroom in our parking lot.
  • No dogs are permitted on the property.
  • This is a walking tour only – no bicycles.

Refund and weather policy

Tickets are non-refundable. Please note that all events at Alnoba are rain or shine. If an event is cancelled due to extreme weather you will receive an email notification. If you do not get an email notifying you that the event is cancelled, that means the event is still going forward as scheduled.

About Manny Muros

Manny is the founder of the Alnoba Peace Foundation and for many years served as owner and Spiritual Director of the Yoga Center of Newburyport. He teaches Asana, Meditation and Yogic philosophy, leading workshops and retreats in the US and internationally.

He is the author of The Mind Overlay and The Other Side of Me, readable and engaging guides to inner transformation.


About the Alnoba Peace Foundation

A world in need of healing

From climate change to the impact of technology on our minds and the economy, our world is in crisis. A winner-take-all society isolates us from each other and from the earth that sustains us. Our communities are broken, consumption and waste run rampant, and we are severed from the healing power of the natural world.

Both we and the world need a change. Start that change on the inside. You can overcome the harmful and destructive patterns imposed on you by this broken world we’re living in, opening to a more natural and authentic way of engaging with yourself and our planet.

The power to change

There are both ancient and pioneering tools you can use to rewrite your patterns, breaking free of the old way of thinking and being as you tap into something stronger: a way of living that connects us harmoniously to both each other and the earth we share.

Manny Muros has spent decades studying, practicing and sharing the spiritual techniques that lead to greater self-awareness and self-realization. His wisdom teachings are insights gained through a lifetime of deep practice and exploration. Through meditation and affirmative practices, he teaches students how to center, deconstruct old patterns and recover a truer way of being.

The sacred land of Alnoba, with its pristine fields and forests and inspiring collection of outdoor art, serves as a potent space for undertaking this journey of transformation.

Be the difference

To use the ancient words of wisdom: as it is above, so it is below. The world we cultivate inside ourselves makes a real impact on the one that surrounds us. By changing one, we impact the other.

Step forward into your own change, breaking free of a paradigm that destroys both our well-being and that of our planet. Discover a healthier, more authentic alternative that empowers you to be the change you seek.


March 2, 2022
10:00 am - 12:00 pm


24 Cottage Road
Kensington, NH 03833 United States