Meet Our Team

Alan Lewis

CEO and Co-Founder, Alnoba


Co-Founder of Alnoba and Alnoba’s Pinnacle Leadership Center. As the Chairman of Grand Circle Corporation, Alan shapes the company’s vision and direction. Over the last 30 years, he has transformed Grand Circle from a $23 million travel company that was losing $2 million a year into a global enterprise with gross sales of $700 million.
Alan has been recognized for his philanthropic leadership. He earned the Committee to Encourage Corporate Philanthropy’s Excellence Award for CEO leadership
and innovation in philanthropy and was named Ernst & Young’s New England “Social Entrepreneur of the Year.” He and his wife, Harriet authored “Driving with No Brakes,” the story of how they built one of the country’s most successful travel companies.

Harriet Lewis

Co-Founder, Alnoba


Harriet Lewis, Co-Founder of Alnoba and Alnoba’s Pinnacle Leadership Center. Harriet is Chair of the Lewis Family Foundation. An educator, philanthropist and world traveler, she is passionate about helping guide social change and developing gutsy leaders—with a special focus on women and youths.
Harriet founded the Next Generation Leaders, a program to provide rising college freshmen from Boston’s Dorchester, Roxbury and Mattapan neighborhoods with work, service and international travel opportunities to advance their leadership and improve their chances of success in life and college.

Jeffrey Heyliger

President, Pinnacle


Jeff is President of Pinnacle Leadership Center. He oversees the programming, coaching and advising activities for Leadership and Team Development. A talented organizational advisor and coach, Jeff brings 25 years of experience in developing leaders and high-performing teams at all organizational levels—from frontline managers to boards.
Jeff’s extensive experience includes a global perspective. He has advised leaders, aligned teams and facilitated strategy sessions across five continents and dozens of countries.

Mark Frevert

Senior Advisor, Pinnacle


Mark serves as Chief Marketing Officer & Chief Architect at Grand Circle Corporation, where he has worked in a leadership capacity for 30 years. He spent 20 years opening more than 30 of Grand Circle’s 41 offices worldwide.
Mark has served in a variety of key leadership roles at GCC and Pinnacle. As a senior leadership advisor at Pinnacle he has worked with both nonprofit and for-profits organizations.
Using the Pinnacle model, Mark developed and led GCC’s national and international teams. He also helped to establish the charitable Grand Circle Foundation Board, which has supported more than 300 organizations worldwide.

Carol Cray

Operations, Alnoba


As Director of LFF North Program Operations, Carol oversees sales and bookings for all events on-site and holds the Master Calendar, as well as oversees all program logistics. She supports the Lewis Family Foundation’s philanthropic vision by recruiting targeted nonprofits to utilize Pinnacle’s property and services. Prior to joining the Pinnacle Team in 2012, Carol was the Director of Development at Special Olympics New Hampshire.

Juma Crawford

Executive Director, LFF


As Executive Director of the Lewis Family Foundation, Boston, Juma has as his primary mission increasing the four-year college graduation rate and middle skills jobs for young people from Boston’s Dorchester, Roxbury, and Mattapan neighborhoods. It is also his passion. Juma grew up in the bay area of California, moved to Massachusetts to attend Amherst College, and continued his education at Harvard University, where he obtained a master’s degree in Education and Public Policy and a law degree from Boston College. Prior to joining the Lewis Family Foundation, Juma was a founding teacher of Codman Academy Charter School and served as the founding Head of the Upper School of Community Charter School of Cambridge, Head of School at Little House Middle School, and Executive Director of Friends of the Children.