A Place. An Experience. A Way of Life.

The Lewis Family Foundation created Alnoba to develop strong leaders and strong communities, help protect our wild places, support local farmers and promote health, awaken reflection and creativity through art, and foster mindfulness.

Here at Alnoba, individuals, groups and organizations come to continue their lifelong journey of learning and transformation. It is place were we connect with our higher selves and each other to create a way of being in the world that is sustainable, nourishing and bold.

We believe that it is through deep personal reflection and connection to our humanity and the natural world that we access passion and purpose — transforming how we lead, live, love, build communities, and honor our planet.

Be a Leader. Make a Difference. Go deep inside to come out strong. Care about Community. Live mindfully. Walk in nature. Eat local food. Find your purpose. Give back. Take risks.